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Hi, Thanks for looking at my page. I am a recurring customer at Chimp's Comix who loves the community I am part of. Some of my hobbies include: playing instruments(bass guitar, piano, drums, marimba), programming, photography, and playing Magic The Gathering! The photo to the right is me holding my medal I got for getting gold on my drum solo in state competition.

If you know me in person then you know I LOVE my Azorius Control. I started playing magic around 2014, though I had dabbled throughout my childhood. My friends at the time had been playing much longer and had much more expensive and cool decks than me. I had realized something when playing against them though. It doesn't matter how expensive your card is when it gets countered! I found my way to keep up with the meta in my friend group while still being affordable.

That was when I built my first white blue control deck. I still remember getting my first Planeswalker and freaking out about how cool it was. I still have a soft spot for Jace, the Living Guildpact even though he is admittedly almost at Tibalt level of horrendous. Throughout the years I have always played control and improved it over time to the point where it is borderline top tier(just missing a few of a slightly more expensive Jace).

I think I love control for the same reasons I loved chess growing up. It is a logical exercises of the mind trying to decided what to counter and what to let resolve. I love that feeling when the mentality of the game switches and my opponent has an empty board and hand while mine is full with answers. I love it because that means that I won that mental game of chess. I survived the onslaught.

Here is some of my photography.

Derek B.

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